"A large boulder is an example to us of how to stay true and not to waver even when waves of praise or criticism rush over us."



A testimonial kindly written by Iain Mason, Psychic Medium.

"Thank you for inviting me to your Centre last Saturday, I had a really lovely time and it was such a pleasure to meet and serve you all.

I wanted to take the time to say thank you for making me feel so welcome, looking after me and providing such a great energy to work with.

Everyone was really engaged and I can’t stress enough what a difference that makes and how that contributes to the success of the evening.

I was very blessed with your openness allowing me to demonstrate the true beauty of mediumship through my unique ways of what I called ‘psychic suicide’ and ‘naked mediumship’. To me, it’s essential not only to show the true beauty of mediumship but also the magic of how it can be used to help us in our daily lives, awakening us to understand the concept of prayer and experience the comfort we can create and enjoy for ourselves when needed and if we allow it.

You have created a truly wonderful sanctuary and something very special, enjoy every moment of it. Observe the blessings of all the experiences that will inevitably flow to you from the love you invest in your Centre which is both clearly obvious and a pleasure to witness.

We were blessed with a fantastic evening full of evidence of ‘life after life’ and I am very grateful for that as it made the evening so special for us all.

I really look forward to returning for another evening in the near future.

With love,

Iain Mason"