"Don't question what you don't understand, unless, you're asking questions seeking to understand."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is who and what are our roles within the group?

A: Jeff is the Group Leader & SNU Registered Psychic Medium, he plans the exercises for each group meeting to help members explore and develop their psychic abilities. Andy is the Meditation Leader and helps co-ordinate the group meetings. He provides wonderfully relaxing and spiritually uplifting meditations during each group meeting.

Q: Is this a religious group?

A: No. We are a group which focuses on an individual’s spirituality and their psychic abilities. You do not need to have a religious faith in order to be spiritual &/or psychic.

Q: Can I bring my children?

A: Group participants will need peace and quiet to fully experience and enjoy the evening’s meditations and exercises so because of this fact we would recommend that only children over the age of 16 are brought along to the group.

Q: Do I need to book a place?

A: No, just turn up on the evening. Doors open 7:00pm for a prompt 7:30pm start.

Q: Will I be required to attend every group meeting?

A: No, you are free to attend as many or as few as you wish. However, as each meeting will cover different subjects and exercises we would recommend regular attendance to gain wider knowledge and experience.

Q: Is there an entrance fee?

A: Yes there is. The entrance fee is £4.00 per person per meeting. We are a not-for-profit group and this fee has been kept to a minimum in order to cover running costs.

Q: I’m disabled. Is there disabled access and amenities?

A: Yes there are.